Wisp Broom Review: Everything You Must Know BEFORE You Buy!

Today its time for a Wisp Broom Review. As Sigmund Freud once said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes a mop is just a mop. But if you’ve been down the cleaning aisle recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed the huge selection of mops available to consumers nowadays. Everything from the old schoolyard mops to the fancy new Swiffer sweepers.

But which mop is the best and which one fits your convenience? Well stick around, and we’ll help you figure it out. We’ll kick things off by talking about some of the more popular mop types and which mops you should use wear. Let’s look more at the Wisp Broom!

What’s So Unique About Wisp Brooms?

Wisp cleaning systems literally re-engineered the broom and the dustpan from the bristle up, creating a unique action or whispering. Based on the principles of physics, biomechanics and ergonomics whispering is much faster, easier and helps you clean your house efficiently than sweeping it with a broom and the traditional dustpan.

WISP Cleaning Set - One Handed Telescoping Broom with Electrostatic Bristle Technology and Self Sealing Foot Operated Dustpan & Bonus Whisk Hand Brush and Mini Dust Pan (Blue)

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  • WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY YOU SWEEP: The WISP Broom and Dustpan set will save you time and energy. Stand upright, grab the handle with one hand and lightly sweep in a gentle “rake-like” motion – forward and backward, with long easy gliding strokes. Then lightly step on the top of the dustpan with your foot, which causes a seal to the floor, and sweep the debris into the deep basin. Then clean your bristles on the side combs clip the dustpan and broom together and hang up on the storage sleeve
  • EXPERIENCE CLEAN: The WISP broom is 12 inches wide with a short dense 90 degree angled electrostatic bristles. The electrostatic bristle seal technology traps pet hair, dust and allergens leaving your floors, baseboards and walls clean like No other upright broom. The long telescoping handle will adjust from 29” to 51” depending on the length you need. With a wide shelf and deep basin, the WISPpan traps debris while you easily move it with your foot, eliminating the need to bend over to sweep
  • COMPLETE CLEANING SET: The WISP Cleaning Set includes our Best Selling WISP one-handed angled broom with electrostatic bristle technology, our foot operated WISPpan with floor to seal the bond, designed to flex with foot pressure to form a seal with the floor, No more bending over, Let your foot do the work. Everything you need to clean up throughout your house. The broom is safe to use on all high-end laminate, hardwood, and tile flooring. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life
  • WAIT…THERE’S MORE! : The MiniWISP and Mini Dustpan is also included. Clean up those little messes. Sweep away pet hair from your couch and clothes, sweep up cereal, crumbs, or even cat litter easily and quickly with the MiniWISP broom. The MiniWISP is similar to a whisk brush, but so much more. Because its bristles are electrostatically charged, it can pick up small debris and pet hair and litter with ease. And the included mini dustpan has a built-in bristle cleaner just like the WISPpan
  • TRUSTED BRAND: WISP Industries is a Trusted Brand. We are founded in 2012, based out of Tolleson, Arizona. WISP Industries is devoted to innovation, the quality of our products, and our superior customer service. We listen to customers. It’s how our product family has evolved into the most intelligent cleaning products available. Check out our other products. WISPsystem, miniWISP, handWISP. If you have any issues with the product please contact us first. – As Seen on Shark Tank

One significant difference between the traditional, age-old broom and the Wisp is that for regular brooms you need to use both your hands while Wish is the world’s first one-handed broom.

Furthermore, thanks to the unique design and build quality, you don’t need to bend over to clean under your furniture. The unique most and the design allows you to reach and gather debris simply and efficiently using light pressure.

And because you don’t have to bend over and get on your knees to clean, whispering virtually eliminates back strain and knee pain.

Moreover, whispering is way healthier for your home environment than the traditional sweeping. Sweeping instantly launches billions of unhealthy dust particles into the air triggering allergies, viral infections, and various other respiratory and health-related issues. Time to take a look at the Wisp Broom claims. Is it a scam? Let’s find out.


The company claims that the Wisp Brooms high-efficiency and bristle sealed technology features short indestructible bristles which are anchored at 90° to the floor thus creating squeegee like bond unlike any other broom in the world. Rather than being scattered and flipped up, wisp debris is efficiently controlled, channel and collected in the dustpan.

The Wisp Articulating Broom and Dust Pan Floor Cleaning System with Pat James-Dementri

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Because of the thickness and the steadiness of the bristles, this revolutionary broom can easily clean the grout lines, floorboards, around and under the furniture and can reach and collect debris from hard to clean corners. It can even easily and safely collect hazardous glass shards into the dustpan.

Wisp Bristle’s Unique Feature

one another amazing feature of Wisp’s bristles is that they build up electrostatic energy that is quite effective in capturing pet or anyone’s hair from any type of surface. The best part, it works far more efficiently than any other hair removing/cleaning tool available in the market.

Wisp Dustpan

The dustpan is built from high-quality plastic material and is made to withstand low to moderate weight. It’s unlike any other pan because it’s designed to create a floor to seal bond.

The dustpan is the second half part of the Wisp cleaning system and because of its unique design, when under the downward and forward directional pressure, it creates a closed sealing with the surface leading to maximum debris collection with minimum effort. All you have to do is to put slight pressure on the top of the dustpan with your leg.

The dustpan also features comb on both the sides of the pan. You can use this comb to remove any unsanitary dirt, hair and debris from the broom bristles without using your fingers.

The contours and the gapping made in the bristles are engineered to fit the comb in the dustpan thus leading to hygienic dirt collection.

wisp broom inuse


To preserve the life of the bristles and to make it easy for compact storage, the wish broom connects to the wish pan.

How The Wisp Boom Works?

The wisp is designed to work on all surfaces in your homes, inside and out. It works perfectly on the wooden surface, tile, carpet and even those cobwebs from corners and door frames. If you’ve already used your Wisp system, then you know it’s not like any other broom and dustpan that you have might have used in past.

If you haven’t, trust me it’s not your regular broom that causes you back pain and knee pain. It doesn’t look, work and clean like any broom you’ve ever seen before. The short indestructible bristles are positioned to be 90 degrees to the floor for effortless cleaning attached to the Wisp Broom.

It also comes with a telescoping handle that you can extend by holding the Wisp Broom’s head with one hand and the lower handle with the other and turning counterclockwise to loosen.

wisp broom in use

Keep in mind that it’s a two step process. Simply pull the lower handle out to extend the length of the broom to your comfortability before turning back clockwise to tighten. But be careful not to twist the plastic sleeves too hard. To further extend pull the middle handle with one hand and the lower handle with your other hand. Again, turn counterclockwise to loosen and pull from here to extend the handle all the way out before turning clockwise to tighten.

The wisp is designed to work on all surfaces in your home. It’s one pulling motion and one hand.

It’s intentionally lightweight so you don’t need to apply any pressure. Just place and pull and the wisp does the work for you. You’ll find it’s perfect for all sorts of big or small messes. Even hazardous glass and ceramic shards will have nowhere to hide.

Just use long easy gliding strokes backwards and remember to keep the bristles at a 90-degree angle from the floor to maximize the Wisp Broom’s bristles seal technology. Plus watch the electrostatic charge build-up as the West glides over the carpet. It’s picking up pet hair and you didn’t even know was there.

Conclusion: Wisp Broom Review

For centuries the traditional broom hasn’t changed but Wisp is the next evolution of the broom and efficient, painless cleaning.

For those individuals were looking for a smaller version, you would be delighted to know that there is a mini Wisp Broom that you can use for all its small cleanups, all-around your home.

How did you find our Wisp Broom Review? Got any questions? Ask below, we would love to help you make a purchasing decision!