Can We Broom And Sweep The Floor At Night?

Sweeping the floor at night is a common superstition a lot of Hindus have. However, is it a bad omen and considered wrong to clean and broom your home at night?

People might think that cleaning the floor at night will result in a loss of wealth or that there are passages in the Quran or Hindu beliefs, that one should not clean the house at night.

According to Hindu traditions, as some people point out:

Strictly prohibited

Not recommended …

As per Hindu mythology

Goddess laxmi the god of wealth and prosperity gets annoyed with this..

I have listened from few 90 plus men and women.

Although it’s not my opinion

I m just sharing my experience…!!


Besides, just superstitious beliefs, sweeping the floor at night is completely fine. However, you just might find it harder to see the dirt and crumbs due to low lighting.

It is recommended to clean your house during the daytime because you can see more clearly and dust usually is more visible with the help of the sun.

And of course, if you will be vacuuming during the night, it might disturb your neighbors. It just mainly comes down to the individual. I don’t see anything wrong with people sweeping the floor at night.

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