One excellent thing about being human is that we will always find a way to push the limits. Not only this, but also to come up with new and innovative ways to do what we were already doing. The most important thing to note though, every product of invention or innovation is made to make work easier.

And that is exactly what BulbHead intend to do with the Hurricane Spin Broom. Bring some innovation into how you clean your home. The goal is to make work easier by having you use less effort.

When it comes to general cleaning and picking up debris around the house, there are a variety of methods that have sufficed for decades. Not many will look at things like cost and ease of use. Some are even ridiculously expensive. Let’s find out why the Hurricane Spin Broom is the best bet for you.

Hurricane Spin Overview

The Hurricane Spin Broom is a revolutionary product. At the moment, the world is in awe and wonder, marveling at what AI driven products could do. There is a big push towards having every household appliance connected to the internet in an effort known as Internet of Things

Hurricane Spin Broom by BulbHead - As Seen on TV- Original Lightweight. Cordless Spinning Broom for Sweeping Hard Surfaces like Wood, Tile, and Laminate

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  • Hurricane Spin Broom by BulbHead, the Original Cordless Sweeper Broom

As has been demonstrated, these technologies could be quite nifty when employed. The downside though is these technologies are not easy for everyone to get a piece of. With some products costing over $800, and you’re yet to factor in related costs like electricity usage, that racks up to a huge bill.

The Hurricane Spin Broom is designed to go in a different direction. The goal of the product is to be affordable to all and sundry. And indeed, it is affordable. Retailing at $18, no one should be left behind.

But that’s not all. This product is designed to work well in between your household deep cleaning schedule. Instead of bringing out the vacuum cleaner every few moments, or a few days, the Hurricane Spin Broom makes sure you put some distance in between vacuuming days.

How Does The Broom Work?

Pretty ingenuous actually. What this does is it is built with rotating brushes mounted on the bottom of the body. When you push the Hurricane Spin Broom forward, the brushes rotate inwards towards the center.

At the bottom center of this broom is an inlet. This inlet then scoops up debris and ushers them into the collection bin. The debris could be a variety of things, ranging from your furry family members, um, fur to chips and Doritos that spilt after your pup decided they also want some.

This collection bin is an excellent feature as it allows you to keep on sweeping up debris without having to stop every few seconds. Getting rid of the rubbish is easy as well. At the back of the body is a latch that opens in one touch and allows you to empty the bin quickly.

How is all this accomplished? Well, no messy wires are involved. No batteries needed, therefore no ridiculous power usage in order to recharge the batteries.

The handle may be the unsung hero in this tale. It has the ability to swivel in any direction you want it to, thus allowing you to reach objects beneath the dining table, or even the couch after your child has made a mess.

Features And Description

A lot of research, thought and innovation went into creating the Hurricane Spin Broom. As a result, the features the broom spots are one of a kind in the way they work and save you on costs.

The description of the broom include:

Lightweight And Easy To Use

A generic brush might be tiring to use. The hurricane spin Broom gives you the most accessible means to pick up trash from rough floors. It weighs 1.5 pounds hence super light and easy to move around. When using it, basically move across the surface in forwarding motion while applying little downward force. Hang the broom on a hook when it’s not in use.

Triple Brush Technology

With the triple brush technology, the broom can sweep away both wet and dry trash. The technology rotates the brush bristles like a street sweeper. It has two radial brushes that collect garbage from the front and sides of the sweeper. The trash gets pushed under the center broom head. There is as well a cylinder-shaped brush that sweeps the garbage into the collection container.

No Batteries, Cords, And Bags

The Hurricane Spin Broom sweeps away both wet and dry messes with a triple brush technology. You don’t have to hurt your back by cleaning the floors using a dustpan and broom. You can pick up trash with ease from hard surfaces by a simple push. You will not even touch the dirt. The built-in trash container empties your messes.

The cleaning equipment from Hurricane family is the best-selling and makes cleaning faster and easier. You can spin dirt and grime from your mop head with the cleaning system, taking sweeping to a new level.

One-Touch Disposal

After sweeping, you need to dispose of your trash. The Hurricane Spin Broom can get quickly emptied by pressing a single button. When you want to dispose of waste in the built-in container, position the broom head over the trash. Press the button at the back of the broom head, and the garbage will empty without the need to touch a thing. Push the door back into unit till it clicks before you sweep again.

Easy Maintenance

To make sure that your Hurricane Spin Broom works to the optimum with each use, you will be required to maintain it regularly . You might notice hair and pet fur collected around the cylinder brush after frequent use. You can get rid of this accumulated hair easily with the encompassed brush comb. Modestly comb through the bristles in short and even strokes to remove the hair. Then dispose of the trash after cleaning.

Other features include

  • Mechanically operated, to save you on upfront and other related costs associated with wired and battery-operated appliances and tools.
  • The large bin is excellent for cleaning up large spills.
  • It also comes with a tool to help clean the brushes after you’re done sweeping your space.

Purchasing A Hurricane Spin Broom

A Hurricane Spin Broom can get obtained through three diverse offers. All Hurricane Spin Broom purchases have a 30-day reimbursement policy, less S&H.

The Spin Bundle includes a Hurricane Spin Mop, Scrubber, and Broom at $99.97 with free S&H. The exclusive bundle adds 1 Sticky Buddy for an extra $19.98 fee.

Finally, they have a Special Offer comprising 2 Hurricane Spin Brooms and a Sticky Buddy. The two cost $29.98 and an added $9.99 S&H. The offer also gives a LED Light and 2 Extra Brush Heads for an extra $19.98.

Frequently Asked Questions.

As is constantly the case with any new product you buy, you may have a few questions before purchasing. Below are some of the prevalent queries that get asked.

  1. What kind of debris can be picked up by the brush?

If it’s your cat’s kibble, dry Corn Flakes or even their fur, the Hurricane Spin Broom will sweep it all up. Do not sweep up items that are on fire as this will damage the broom.

  1. How does it work?

The Hurricane Spin Broom is mechanically operated. What this means is after you assemble the broom, put it on the floor and apply a little pressure towards the floor. The wheels on the bottom allow you to roll it along the floor. As you do this, the brushes will rotate inwards, bringing in debris to the collection bin.

As a result of this, the broom only works on hard surfaces such as tiles, laminates, stone or wooden floors. It cannot work on carpets.

  1. Does it require assembly?

Yes, but luckily, not to the level of Ikea products. All you will need to do is screw the three parts of the pole together, and then attach the handle to the body. Easy-peasy.

  1. Are the two models different?

Not too much. The Hurricane Spin Broom Deluxe comes with LED lights to help illuminate areas you may find difficult to see into.

  1. What’s in the box?

When you purchase the broom, what’s included inside it the broom and the brush cleaning tool. As you clean around the house, the brush underneath the broom will pick up a lot of hair and fur that will cling to it. The included brush is to help you clean the brush.

Final Summary

Hurricane Spin Broom is not necessarily the best cleaning household item in the current market. However, its reputable manufacturer produces the broom with an official website and positive customer response.

Last updated on December 3, 2019 10:11 am

Be sure that the company can refund your money if the product is not satisfying to you. Their customer care service is available at any time you have a question in the period of using the broom. Their representatives are willing to provide a more in-depth insight into the product.

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