How Often Should You Replace Your Broom

According to a 2018 study, most households replaced their brooms every 2 years. However, does this mean that you have to replace yours every 2 years?

Well, not necessarily, it will entirely depend on how often you use the broom, what kind of broom you use, and other factors that can affect longevity.

What kind of floor do you have?

Certain types of flooring tend to wear out brooms more quickly. Especially outdoor concrete, it is rough and uneven which causes minor damage to the broom brush every time you sweep with it. If you mainly use your broom to sweep the outdoor area, you can expect to change your broom 2-3 times more frequently than indoors.

Laminate, wood, and indoor floors are generally easier on brooms because of their soft and even texture. Depending on what kind of surface you will be sweeping, the type of broom also matters, you don’t necessarily want to be cleaning your patio with a broom that was meant for the indoors.

What kind of broom do you have?

Some brooms are just made differently as some people commented:

I sweep my kitchen practically daily – I just have a regular broom and it seems indestructible since I can’t even remember the last time I replaced it. Our entire house is hardwoods so the broom and vacuum get used a lot.

I’ve wondered this as well. My mom still has the same broom that she had when I was a kid. But it still works and doesn’t seem to look as gross as mine, which is only a few years old. I think she might also use a Swiffer cloth at times, too.

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Thicker bristles usually last longer as it is more durable whereas thinner and plastic ones wear out more easily. Depending on the material and the quality, you can expect to replace your broom every 2-3 months of daily use to almost never having to replace it.

When should you replace your broom?

  • If you break the handle or the brush frame. However, sometimes you can just replace the broken part and save some money.
  • If the bristles are mangled with hair, dirt, and debris, then it’s proabably a good idea to get a new broom. In some cases, you can wash the bristles and prune / trim them to practically make it look like new.

How to make your broom last longer

  • Use a broom specifically designed for their intended use. You don’t want to be using an indoor broom to sweep the outdoor patio even though you can.
  • Shake off any dust, dirt, and debris off your broom after you are done using it. Most brush frames can be taken apart from the handle, which makes things easier.
  • Frequently wash and brush off any tangled hair.

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