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Whether long or short, hair is bound to get caught up somewhere along your drain. It may be you, your family members, or even that hairy pet you have around. But clogging is not very pleasant and one of the worst cleaning jobs occurs when you have to remove the whole mess- super gross! And we all know if we fail to unclog the drain it won’t take long before the bathroom floor fills with inches of water every time you take a shower. Luckily, to help save time, I came across an interesting product that does all the work for you, DrainWig.  

In this DrainWig review, I’ll see how it works, what it’s like, and if it is really worth it. So, if you’ve been experiencing some hairy moments, maybe here’s your ultimate solution. 

What Is DrainWig?

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DrainWig is a small device that can be put in a shower or bathtub drain, where it’s used to catch debris such as hair. It has tiny whiskers that trap hair as it goes into the drain. The whiskers are supported by a string bead and a nice plastic holder removes it from the drain and replaces it with a completely new one. 

What The Company Says

Producers of DrainWig claim that the device is universal and will be compatible with almost any type of drain. It says that it will take less than a minute to install. Also, how it works makes everything hygienical. Once theDrain Wig is full of hair, all you have to do is pull the plastic holder without actually touching any of that trapped hair. 

The hype here is that you don’t have to use foreign materials to remove drains from the bathtub or sink. It really focuses on hair as it can be one of the nastiest to unclog. If you’ve ever removed hair using a foreign material then you know how it feels like to remove all that gross stuff. 

How DrainWig Works

DrainWig has a plastic topper that is left at the top when inserting in a bath or sink drain. It has a stainless steel chain that picks up the hair as well as other debris. As the plastic topper is not just there for aesthetics, it helps water flow easily without blocking the whole drainage. Eventually, the Drain Wig will catch hair and form a thick ball that you can feel while gently pulling the string. Remember, you only have to pull the string using the topper. No other contact is advised. 

DrainWig Cost

DrainWig comes with several offers at the moment. A four shower drain wig hair package, four bathtub drain wig hair package, and 2 bathtub and 2 shower drain wig hair catchers. If you choose to purchase two packages then you get two extra absolutely free, This option will cost you $19.95.

Pros and Cons of DrainWig


Attractive design

Each DrainWig has a nice flower-shaped plastic topper which makes it aesthetically appealing as opposed to obscure round or square shapes. Plus, the device comes in two- for tubs and the sink. The appearance will tell you where to put each. The flower designs are for showers and the ones that resemble anchors are for the tub. 


Even as the company recommends removing the wig after 2-4 months, it can certainly last longer than that. For instance, if you have short hair, your DrainWig might last a little more than 6 months. 



Any DrainWig used must be properly disposed of. The company does not recommend reusing the product as any attempts may pose health risks. It would be a great addition if the company was able to produce a reusable DrainWig. 

Only has a white color

The DrainWig toppers only come in one color, white. While it looks decent, white will show dirt easily. If the company would at least offer different shades, it would be better to conceal. At least those who choose lighter shades would be aware of what they’re signing up for. 

Are There Alternatives To DrainWig?

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DrainWig is a fairly new concept and in some instances, people are used to old DIY methods of removing dirt and debris from tubs. However, these methods may do the trick but will be less efficient, costly, and fun than Drain Wig. Let’s look at some of these alternatives and how they compare to DrainWig. 

Cleaning By hand

If you want to avoid getting your hands dirty then you’ll need a variety of tools to remove hair from the tubs. Most of these tools will require your effort and might take you hours to clear all drains. Also, if you’re easily put off by the debris, you’ll have a hard time adjusting to it. And it wouldn’t be fun, right? 

Using Harmful Chemicals 

Most sellers and DIY enthusiasts will hype chemicals that remove dirt in drains without mentioning the actual dangers of doing so. Yes, you can clear your clogs using certain chemicals but it doesn’t always work and might end up messing up your drain pipes. 

Calling a Plumber

The last alternative is calling a plumber. They might fix the drainage issue but you’ll have to wait for hours to get the job done and supervise everything just in case. Drain Wig, however, will do all this work with no supervision, and removing dirt will be as easy as taking out the trash can. 

DrainWig Review Conclusion: Is It Really Worth Buying?

DrainWig is a tiny little invention that addresses a problem many people might have. It is easy to set up and requires no supervision until it’s full.  It is also a breeze to remove the catcher once it gets the job done. There might be other solutions to clearing your tab but DrainWig has proven to be efficient, easy-to-use, and hassle-free. 

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