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8 Best Rubber Broom Reviews: The Top Brooms Rounded Up!

Floors can be dusty with a lot of stains and scratches all over. Hardwood floors with its luxurious nature need to be cleaned every other time with a broom most probably rubber to make it squeaky clean. When dirty, it can turn into an eyesore and with the right broom things will be fine. There are various types of brooms, both online and offline platforms that will be suitable for one choice and convenience. It is good to go and check and try before committing to one. Asking an expert will be a good idea. 

Why Use A Rubber Broom?

The head of a rubber broom is made of solid rubber. The rubber used id like the one on your car tires, and it will not wear out that fast. The brush is designed for difficult jobs with its virtually indestructible nature, and it won’t damage any surfaces.

It will last for a year under harshest conditions. It easy to clean and completely removable when sanitizing and disinfecting it.

People with allergies will have no problem with it because they will breathe more comfortable as they clean. When cleaning dust and hair will not be in the air, therefore, less irritation and frustration.

A surface like ceramic tiles and grouted that are hard to sweep with rubber brooms it makes it an easier chore. The rubber material makes the bristles not lose contact with the floor, saving time and aggravation. 

An online platform like Amazon has a variety of them that will do the cleaning work well. A few of them will be discussed here:

Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom, 1778

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  • Multi-surface adjustable bristles clean bare floors and low pile rugs
  • Rubber bristles attract pet hair
  • Retract rubber bristles for everyday sweeping
  • Adjustable handle

The Broom made from horsehair bristles. It has a soft texture that prevents any scratch on the hardwood as you sweep. The handle is collapsible that makes it storage easy and takes less space. Some people experiences with it have noted that the bristles are prone to shedding. It fun to use and the most demanding customer with the hardest of cleaning job will get satisfaction


  • It cleans hardwood floors quickly
  • It maintains lustre by making the floors look the best.
  • The soft hair bristle will safely sweep fine particles.
  • Those tricky dirty and dusty corners of the house will take care of by the angled brush.
  • When you were using it, the soft non-slip grip enables you to lean against the wall without falling at all.
  • It has a soft bumper for protection of furniture and walls


  • The design is a bit chunky and bulky to some users
  • The head is perpendicular to the handle; it should be at an angle for it to be appropriate and easy to use. 
  • Prone to breaking and getting damaged. The middle piece can fall out and hard to get it back, and the plastic bracket can be easily get broken.
  • The price is a little bit high than the regular Broom.

MEIBEI Push Broom, Soft Bristle Rubber Broom with Adjustable Long Handle - 53", Carpet Sweeper with Squeegee, Removing Pet Cat Dog Hair on the Carpet, Sturdy and Durable

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  • 【Professional Remove Pet Hair】The brush head is made of natural rubber bristles that can attract and remove pet hair on multiple surfaces easily, increasing 50% efficiency than a normal broom and make no ash or pet hair flying in the air during sweeping. If you have dogs, cats or other furry and shedding critters, this broom will be your best friend.
  • 【Widely Used in Various Occasions】In addition to effectively removing pet hair, the rubber brush can clean any kind of floor(carpet, tile, hardwood floor and linoleum), glass shower door easily.
  • 【Adjustable Long Handle】The strong and durable stainless steel handle easy to install, set up just snap the pole pieces together and go. Long enough size can clean any hard to reach place. No need to bend over in low place or use ladders at high places.
  • 【Built-in Squeegee】The built-in squeegee for cleaning window or spill, saving you the hassle of additional drying using towel or mop.
  • 【Best Customer Service】 Coming with 1 year warranty (Replacement or reimbursement) . We offer 100% guarantee customer satisfaction.

On hardwood floors with dust, the fibres on multi-surface indoor Broom will be ideal for getting rid of it. The base of the Broom is wide enough to pick a lot of it a go. Try it one year, check the results and quality of its work. The material used to make it is plastic and stainless steel and used for household cleaning. 50.5 inches for the handle length and the broom head is wide enough. It comes with three poles and one broom head in the package. It will be right for you to store in a cool, dry place. The Broom comes with an adjustable head for less bending and more natural cleaning. It is suitable for the various floor; the kitchen or bathroom floors, washing and brushing walls and dust on bookshelves and curtain rods. 


  • It is comfortable in that the handle is long.
  • Hang-up feature is suitable for its storage.
  • It is easy to clean and chip dust because of its excellent grip
  • The metal handle makes it sturdy and reliable
  • Soft and yet sturdy bristles are suitable for light soil and more significant items
  • The long handle helps the cleaner from falling and injuring themselves and also coming in contact with cleaning chemicals.
  • Plastic covers on both ends of the Broom prevent your hands from being hurt when installing.
  • It works on the tile floor and removing water from the tile patio.


  • It is very light and breaks easily when during transportation and packing. The synthetic bristles can not absorb Stains, germs, goo and odours.
  • The Broom is long but not long enough for someone with a height of 5’6.
  • The junction where the Broom meets the pole should be firm enough and smooth to screw it keeps on giving the cleaner a hard time.

TreeLen Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set,Upright Dust Pan Combo for Home, Kitchen, Room, Office, Lobby Floor Use Without Bending

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  • 40.5"- 52" long handle broom suitable for different people use without strenuous bending.
  • 38.5" Dust pan haveTeeth comb dirt off the bristles of broom.For indoor and outdoor use
  • Dustpan can locks in open position for easy emptying and Broom snaps into dustpan for upright, compact storage
  • Broom and dustpan sweep set has a full-size broom and large dustpan, perfect for any sweeping task, and then the broom retracts with a quick twist to easily sweep dirt piles into the dustpan.
  • If you experience an issue with your TreeLen product, get in touch with us(Please Contact us through Our storefront page"Ask a Question" with your order ID) to repair or replace it. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we’ll make it better

It is made of high-quality plastic that is durable and is used on hard and soft surfaces. It is composed of a clip attached on the panhandle of the Broom. The broom snaps together for secure storage. Soft bristles on it prevent unwarping. Mainly used indoors. The handle is 40-52 inches while the dustpan is 38. 5 inches, it is comfortable when sweeping and allows standing upright. It Comes with just one dustpan and one broom. No batteries required. Foot-operated dustpan makes very convenient although the Broom is designed to be used by only one hand. 


  • Dustpan and Broom are perfect for carrying debris and complete garbage.
  • Open lock position on the dustpan makes it easy to dispose of contents without a spillover. 
  • It is a built-in scraper to clean pet and human hair. It also makes it easy to clean Broom into a dustpan.
  • An angle rubber liner makes it ideal for sweeping the smallest particles possible.
  • The metal handles and plastic dustpans are not too heavy, and their nylon bristles are flexible, it makes it easy to sweep under the furniture.


  • They are expensive than your traditional brooms.
  • The lock position sometime is hard to put it together and keeps malfunctioning sometime.

OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

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  • Broom extends up to a full-sized broom with a quick twist for any sweeping task
  • Full sized broom head and large-capacity dustpan perfect for sweeping large areas
  • When retracted, broom is ideal for sweeping dirt piles into dustpan
  • The broom has flagged bristles resulting in a larger surface area and a soft, feathered texture that effectively grabs dust and dirt
  • Broom snaps into dustpan for upright, compact storage. Extended Dimensions : 53 Inch

The Broom is large, and also its dustpan is wide for the better sweeping task. It is efficient for cleaning large areas. The pan is for scooping dirty piles. Flagged bristles on the Broom are soft texture and feathered for effective dust and dirt grabbing. The pole is aluminium and light in weight for easy carrying and lifting. Fifty-three inches for the Broom and the dustpan locks in an open position for easy emptying. The company that manufactures it gives you a guarantee that in case you need a repair or replace you can always get in touch with them, and they will be at your service.


  • It is flexible and able to conform to the wide range of surfaces that are used to clean and no dust swept underneath.
  • The Broom snaps back to the dustpan for upright storage.
  • Lightweight therefore easy to carry around.
  • High quality and lasts longer than traditional brooms.
  • The bristle on the dustpan helps clear anything that sticks on the Broom. 
  • The Broom is small and able to get into small spaces, and the handle is adjustable.


  • The handle is a little bit longer for shorter people
  • The plastic parts sometimes break when you bent it and apply a lot of force.
  • Cleaning carpet areas with this Broom is a little bit harder.
  • The flimsiness of the handle makes it easily detachable.

GLOYY Long Handled Push Broom with Soft Rubber Bristles Squeegee Edge 60 inches Use for Pet Cat Dog Hair Perfect for Cleaning Hardwood Vinyl Carpet

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  • Pet Hair Remove- You can use this to clean dog hair from your large throw rug that your dog lays on. It is fantastic for picking up the dog hair.
  • Effortlessly Sweep- It worked nicely on the flat open areas,soft enough not to scratch the windows, and it electrostatically attract dust and pet hair! Collects dirt, paper, or whatever is on the ground with easy and the brush is easy to clean.
  • Better than Vacuums- When your dog's hair gets embedded into your rugs and carpet. And your vacuum does get up quite a bit of it but not all. This long-handled rubber brush broom helps to dislodge much of the hair . Recommend if you have pets.
  • Long and Adjustable Handle- 30 inches to 60 inches adjustable length suit for different tasks. Set up just snap the pole pieces together and go.
  • Contain a Small Bush- This small brush is Convenient and easy-to-carry.All-in-one fur remover, grooming, and lint brush

It is used to clean a wide variety of surfaces. The bristles are soft and wide not causing scratches on the surfaces. Cleaning glass windows, cars and spills this is the broom ideal for it. Pet hair, debris, upholstery and clothing on the floor or any other surface will be picked easily because of it suitable material. The adjustable handle is 30 ton 60 inches. It is lighter than most brooms in the market, which makes it easy to operate. It makes cleaning effortlessly natural, and it is quite comfortable.


  • It is better than a vacuum. It can dislodge hair in rugs and carpets that a vacuum can’t remove it all. Ideal to pet owners.
  • When removing fur, lint brush and grooming its small brush is convenient and easy to carry.
  • The handle is long, so the back of tall people will be in good shape.
  • Useful in cleaning and scrubbing wooden furniture and glass windows.
  • It is durable and handy.


  • The handle sometimes does not stay locked and the Broom tight. The maker should check on that.
  • The durability of the material used makes the handle is wanting.
  • The broom head should not be narrow; it takes a lot of time to clean compared if it was a bit wider. 

Fur Buster Rubber Broom with Squeegee - Pet Hair Removal -Dog Hair - Cat Hair - Water Spills - Multipurpose Surfaces - Extendable Pole Makes Cleaning Easy

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  • SUPERIOR VERSATILE CLEANING TOOL – Carpets, rugs, tile, windows and more – Foxtrot Living’s adjustable rubber broom with built squeegee gets your surfaces cleaner with less time and effort. Indoor – Outdoor – Wet – Dry – Hard to Reach – Tight Space- Daily Use – it’s the quicker cleaner picker upper.
  • PET HAIR REMOVER –Hundreds of rubber bristles easily remove pet hair from carpets and rugs like regular brooms can never do. Gently works to lift dust, dirt, lint, and pet hair from those high traffic areas that your four-legged friends frequent.
  • BUILT IN SQUEEGEE EDGE Cleans windows, showers, and windshields with ease. Works great to wipe away liquid spills on tile, concrete, or any hardwood surface such as patio decks or interior flooring.
  • ADJUSTABLE LONG HANDLE to easily suit all sizes of users adults to kids helping out. Handle extends from 30 inches to 50 inches - perfect for the smaller spaces like working in shower interiors or car windshields or simple extend the handle to make it longer for easy sweeping on flooring surfaces.
  • SUPER EASY CLEANUP – simply wash the rubber broom bristles in soapy water to sanitize and renew. Natural rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenance so your broom will last for years to come.

Windows, walls and floors this Broom handles them all. Wet and dry surfaces and spills are correctly done by this cleaning tool. Windows shower surfaces, Rv siding, car windshields are worked on by the squeegee edge. The rubber broom is ideal for cleaning the closet. It is also a pet hair remover on rugs and carpets. Can be carried around easily due to its light weight. Designed ergonomically to provide comfort to the user, therefore, reducing more problems. One can clean for a very long time without feeling any discomfort. The bristles on the Broom are made with an advanced technology that makes it easy to lift dirt from the floor to the Broom. The Broom is convenient in that you the whole of your office space and your house. The benefits of this Broom exceedingly more. 


  • Super easy cleanup. The rubber is easy to clean up and requires little maintenance. With soapy water rubber broom bristles can we renewed.
  • The long adjustable handle makes it suitable for short and tall people and also adults and children. The handle extends 30 to 50 inches and also sturdy.
  • Perfect in small spaces like showers and interior of the car and windshields.
  • Easy sweeping on the floor at any position with longer handles.
  • It has performance and durable due to the high-quality material used to make it.
  • It suitable for removing fibres stuck on the carpets and rugs.


  • The lock position might not be firm sometime, and it keeps on getting loose. The manufacturer might want to check on that.
  • Not suitable for tile surfaces since it does not slide easily.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the broom head require a bit of effort.
  • It is suitable for tight spaces, but for large areas, it takes a longer time.
  • More need to be put when cleaning because it is not easy to use.
  • It takes time to push the squeegee into the carpet. 

Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6, Furemover Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle That Extends from 3-5', Black & Yellow

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  • Removes Fur: The 100% natural pet hair remover rubber broom attracts pet hair like a magnet to easily remove fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood and linoleum. Specially designed as a carpet brush for dog hair remover and a cat hair remover.
  • Telescopic Handle: Carpet hair remover easily adjusts the handle length to suit any user. Handle extends from 36 inches to 60 inches make this high-a Quality carpet hair removal tool.
  • Innovative & Versatile: Dog fur remover, carpet scraper for pet hair, tile, windows and more the carpet pet hair remover gets your surfaces cleaner. Works well as a carpet rake for pet hair removal.
  • Easy Cleanup: Simply wash away excess cat hair and dog hair on the rubber broom bristles by using soapy water and renew. Natural rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.
  • Built-In Squeegee: The carpet squeegee broom cleans windows, showers and windshields with ease. It wipes away liquid spills on tile, concrete or any hardwood surface such as interior flooring.

The rubber bristles electrostatic action makes work on wet and dry surfaces perfectly well. The material used to make the rubber is durable and not prone to shedding, unlike others. It is only a broom head and will fit in any standard handles. Its electrostatic action will lift Dust, hair, and lint. It is an ideal broom for pet hair removal on rugs and carpets. Used to remove snow, sweep carpets and to wash cars. It fits in any handle, and you need to wash it after using it to maintain a good broom condition. The Broom will not cause any scratches and damages on the floor or the walls.  


  • Works beautifully in removing pet hair, mopping floors and removing spider webs on notorious corners.
  • The rubber part attracts hair and makes it easy to sweep up huge piles.
  • Works well on the kitchen floors and staircases for quick cleaning.
  • It is an invaluable broom to clear debris on sidewalk, cement porches and outdoor areas.


  • One bends so much because the teeth are short and flimsy. The manufacturer might want to look into the size of the teeth and do some corrections.
  • It also so small and not long enough and wide to do its job correctly.
  • Poles frequently pull out from the Broom. Glueing it will help a big deal

WISP Cleaning Set - One Handed Telescoping Broom with Electrostatic Bristle Technology and Self Sealing Foot Operated Dustpan & Bonus Whisk Hand Brush and Mini Dust Pan (Gray) As Seen on Shark Tank

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  • WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY YOU SWEEP: The WISP Broom and Dustpan set will save you time and energy. Stand upright, grab the handle with one hand and lightly sweep in a gentle “rake-like” motion – forward and backward, with long easy gliding strokes. Then lightly step on the top of the dustpan with your foot, which causes a seal to the floor, and sweep the debris into the deep basin. Then clean your bristles on the side combs clip the dustpan and broom together and hang up on the storage sleeve
  • EXPERIENCE CLEAN: The WISP broom is 12 inches wide with a short dense 90 degree angled electrostatic bristles. The electrostatic bristle seal technology traps pet hair, dust and allergens leaving your floors, baseboards and walls clean like No other upright broom. The long telescoping handle will adjust from 29” to 51” depending on the length you need. With a wide shelf and deep basin, the WISPpan traps debris while you easily move it with your foot, eliminating the need to bend over to sweep
  • COMPLETE CLEANING SET: The WISP Cleaning Set includes our Best Selling WISP one-handed angled broom with electrostatic bristle technology, our foot operated WISPpan with floor to seal the bond, designed to flex with foot pressure to form a seal with the floor, No more bending over, Let your foot do the work. Everything you need to clean up throughout your house. The broom is safe to use on all high-end laminate, hardwood, and tile flooring. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life
  • WAIT…THERE’S MORE! : The MiniWISP and Mini Dustpan is also included. Clean up those little messes. Sweep away pet hair from your couch and clothes, sweep up cereal, crumbs, or even cat litter easily and quickly with the MiniWISP broom. The MiniWISP is similar to a whisk brush, but so much more. Because its bristles are electrostatically charged, it can pick up small debris and pet hair and litter with ease. And the included mini dustpan has a built-in bristle cleaner just like the WISPpan
  • TRUSTED BRAND: WISP Industries is a Trusted Brand. We are founded in 2012, based out of Tolleson, Arizona. WISP Industries is devoted to innovation, the quality of our products, and our superior customer service. We listen to customers. It’s how our product family has evolved into the most intelligent cleaning products available. Check out our other products. WISPsystem, miniWISP, handWISP. If you have any issues with the product please contact us first. – As Seen on Shark Tank

Founded in 2012 by Eben Dobson, the innovator. The company is devoted to innovating quality products with superior customer care. The Wisp Broom is versatile, and you can use the Broom for multipurpose such as cleaning outdoor and indoor areas. The products have evolved due to listening to customers’ needs and wants. Bristles carry a lifetime warranty, and any defects will be repaired. Warranty is only valid to only the original owner. Its innovative nature with electrostatically charged bristles makes it efficient for hardwood floors and picking up on dirt and dust. The hard to reach areas can be handled best by its 90-degree angle feature in a perfect manner. The system includes a telescoping handle a WISPaway and a WISPpan both a 51 inches. The WISPaway can be hanged on the pantry door or under cabinets for its storage. It is sleek and stylish and comes in different shades of colours like blue, grey, red and purple. You can use a wide range of cleaning solutions with this Broom, soap and water solutions will be just beautiful and efficiently clean in no time. It is easier to maintain it you can detach the rubber head and wash on the sink with water.


  • Perfect for moms, seniors, guys and shopkeepers. It saves you and saves on time because of its engineering.
  • It is safe on all surfaces and no need to use for chemicals or solvents.
  • With a wide shelf and deep basin, the WISPpan scoops debris, and you can move it with your foot.  
  • No need to bend over to sweep to the dustpan the WISPaway is long enough to do such work correctly. 
  • A WISPpan side comb is used to clean bristles, and it is easy to remove trash from it and keep your hands clean. 
  • Bristle seal technology attracts hair from carpets, upholstery and car seats.
  • Easy to store and takes a small space because it easily snaps and a pantry and counter will be an ideal place for it.
  • It is easy to clean the Broom because of its comfortable handle.


  • The screw rings that lock the handle length are not the best. They are kind of cheap.
  • It is pretty expensive and not that sturdy. When cleaning the handle can snap in half.
  • The side grate used to remove hair does not work well, and the bristles get messed after approximately 4 to 5 uses, stronger ones would suffice.
  • It is more advanced than most brooms traditional or modern ones.
  • Its adjustable handle does not stay locked.
  • It a little harder for kids to use since it is difficult to put the dustpan back and it falls so often.
  • Short people find it cumbersome to use because of the long handle.

How to clean a rubber broom

Cleaning a rubber broom is not a tedious endeavour but requires thorough cleaning. Warm water and detergent or a mild cleaner will do the job well. Proper hygiene requires you to clean the Broom more often to ensure dust and dirt do not return to the flow. When cleaning, it is good to be gentle and take your time to avoid breakage and getting spoiled. The good thing is that most of the Broom is made of excellent materials.

Assembling the Broom 

When joining, it screws rubber head on to the handle, making sure the head is appropriately fit. Once it has installed correctly, a vacuum seal is made to hold it in the proper position. The Broom should be pulled, not pushed. When using bristles, stroking builds a static charge that attracts dirt from flying into the air.

After using the Broom, it is good to clean to remove dirt stuck on it and let it dry on a rack.

Broom holders

It is essential to have broom holders. These holders’ stores dusters and dustpans. Having a secure grip to hold the brooms in an upright position is a valuable attribute, .it should also have a couple of hooks and able to be mounted on the wall. Most of them can accommodate different types of brooms and keeps them in good shape.

Conclusion: Best Rubber Broom

All these brooms mentioned here can clean and very valuable to durable materials. It up to you to look for what is suitable for you

When choosing rubber, they are a couple of things to consider. The nature of the surface comes fast. It can be hard or soft, cemented or wood and indoors or outdoors. The quality and quantity of dirt is another critical factor. 

To have a clean floor, experts recommend you first sweep the floor, dry mop the vacuum it. It can be a lot of work, but it is worth it and leaves the surface spotless. What brooms do is push away dirt, but some small particle remains. 

To keep your house in good shape and clean, trying a couple of brooms will be a good idea. One can read reviews online before buying. Some companies allow you to return if you don’t like the Broom and your money can be refunded. Having more than one broom is not an offence. A suitable broom for the car and outdoor facilities, a brush for indoor, windows, walls and floors. People with pets need a brush ideal for them. The broom does not use electricity like in the case of a vacuum cleaner. That makes it advantageous, and it gets to every corner of the house.