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Best Dustpan And Brush: 5 TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU BUY!

Man has come a long way. Whether you’re a fan of creation, or of evolution, you’d have to agree the homes we live in now are quite the improvement from an engineering and even artistic point of view in comparison to what our ancestors had to endure.

Why Use A Dustpan And Brush

One thing we can guarantee now, in our own homes, is we can live in extremely clean homes with gleaming floors and probably some bit of scratch marks from where your pet applied emergency braking while experiencing the “zoomies”.

One piece of equipment has helped man to achieve such levels of hygiene: the dustpan and the accompanying brush. Being able to pick up debris from the floor for proper disposal is the most fundamental way of keeping your house spotless… and probably become a little bit closer to Godliness.

Hygiene may be the goal, but other qualities like longevity and practicality are also important to know of before the purchase. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with poor quality. That’s the main motivation for this; give a good look at the best dustpan and brush sets you can buy.

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If dustpans and brushes could be compared to cars, what this would be like is if GM decided to remanufacture the 1969 Chevy Impala using 21st Century techniques. What we have here is a sturdy brush set that is designed to pick up everything is put against.

The brush is made from horse hair. Violinists and other stringed instrument players will attest to the strength that horse hair possesses. Also, the strands are put in such a way that they form a dense wall. This allows you to sweep up anything into the dustpan, no matter how heavy it is, or even if it disintegrates on contact.

The dustpan, on the other hand, looks like it was meant to become a spade for high quality construction, but agonizingly fell slightly short of the cutoff mark. The all metal construction will last you for years upon years, it might even outlast your cats and dogs if well taken care of.

The metal is powder coated to keep it from breaking down due to rust. It also has a rubber lip to make brushing up dust an easy affair. The monotone black painted on the entire dustpan, with the exception of the handle, makes this look cool and match with the hairs of the brush.

The handles of both the brush and the dustpan are also meant to last long. They are hewn, by hand, from oak. The attention to detail on it is marvelous. Aside from being a stylistic device, it also is meant to last long. Oak is one of the hardest types of woods known to man.

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Here comes a company that is better known for making power tools that give excellent value for money, and home appliances that are known for excellent function coupled by good looking form. Maybe this was meant to help the DIYers amongst us sweep up their wood chippings or metal filings after they’re done channeling their inner MacGyver.

And from the design of the dustpan and brush, it seems highly likely that this was exactly what it was meant for. The handle is wide and coated with rubber, ostensibly to protect the user from silly injuries brought on by underestimating the brush.

The orange stripes on the black body give it a macho look and feel. The bristles are somewhere in the middle of being soft and hard. This makes it perfect to sweep up your workshop, but then also move into the house and still do an excellent job.

The dustpan is made from industrial grade plastic, well, what else did we expect from a company with Black & Decker’s reputation to uphold? The color scheme also follows the brush. The all-black dustpan is topped with a rubber lip that is orange. That’s form.

For functionality, apart from being constructed from high grade materials, the dustpan also comes with teeth cleaners for the brush. This is to help you get debris unstuck from your brush and into the dustpan for disposal. The wide spacing and the strength of the cleaners means you have something that will last you quite a long time.

And instead of having to deal with brushes that hang loosely from a hook on the dust panhandle, with this set, it is meant to snap into place for ease of storage.

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Quite a fan of Little House on the Prairie, aren’t you? Well even if you aren’t, this dustpan and brush set will give you a similar vibe. I think Sheldon Cooper had a set when he attempted to re-enact this for Amy.

The previous cool brush set we’ve seen from Redecker costs over $90. If you find that to be a little bit ridiculous, but you still can’t stay away from high quality metal and the vintage vibe, this dustpan set still gives you the option.

The brush is also made from horse hair. Very few synthetic fibers can give you the longevity and the strength that horse hair can give you. If you’re sweeping up crumbs from your pet’s kibble, or even corn flakes that your kids decided is a delicacy your pets should enjoy or even heavier debris, horse hair is up for the challenge.

The dustpan again looks like it didn’t make the cut to be a high-quality construction shovel, so it decided to cut its handle and prepare for a new challenge, and it found it in dustpans. As a part of its preparation, it also learned to let itself free from gloom and shine for the whole world to see.

The shiny surface is a step in a different direction in comparison to the previous model. That doesn’t take away anything from its functionality though. Also stepping away from the previous design, the handles are made from a different type of wood. Birchwood may not be as luxurious as oak is, but it’s still one of the hardest woods in existence. It is often mistaken for Maplewood.

A word of care for the horse hair brushes. They need to be regularly washed in a mild solution of warm, at least lukewarm water, and soap. Then the brush should be let out to dry, with the bristles side down to allow water to drip.

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Even though sturdy and long-lasting brushes may always seem like a good idea, you may never really get everything you need by using brawn all the time. Sometimes a soft touch is what’s needed to keep things on the straight and narrow, and in this case, with hygiene.

The Rubbermaid brush is constructed from soft bristles that almost feel like they were plucked off the coat of some exotic animal. The soft brushes allow you to sweep up dust and debris from areas such as carpets and other sensitive areas. This softness means you can protect the polish on your household goods.

The dustpan is made from light plastic. The rubber lip on it is also meant to ease picking up of debris, but also to protect your polished floor and other shiny areas. The overall design of the dustpan with the handlebar attached, from some angles, looks like it was inspired by the African Guineafowl.

If you do go for this brush set, keep in mind that you will also have to get something else for the more difficult sweeping. This dustpan set is meant for the softer and more sensitive areas and will not generally work well where there’s harder debris stuck to the floor.

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If you want something soft, but a little bit sturdier than the set above, you can pick up this Mr. Siga Set. One surprising thing is that it comes in sets of two. This was obviously meant for those with big households or that want their kids to pick up some chores around the house.

For this reason, the dustpans are made from durable plastic, just in case the kids decide to make a toy out of them, they can survive several “car crashes.” The brush is also made from PET fibers that don’t need as much TLC as horsehair does, though they PET may not perform as well as horsehair.

The brush is also made to snap into the handle of the dustpan, for ease of storage. The high walls around the dustpan make it difficult for debris to spill out as it is being brushed with some enthusiasm into the pan. The dustpan also comes with a rubber lip to make it easy to sweep up debris. 

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