Choosing the best broom is more about finding the broom that offers optimal performance on the surface you are sweeping. Because of this, you want to tailor the purchase of the broom you buy to the actual surface that you will be sweeping.

After all, the surface that you will be using the broom on can dictate the pressure needed, the material that should be used, and more. This is why we have scoured the marketplace to bring you the best brooms to use on concrete floors.

The Best Broom For Concrete Floors

O-Cedar Professional 24" Multi-Surface Push Broom

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  • The 24" Multi-Surface push broom features Maxi-Lok technology and anti-rotation socket so broom head never comes loose
  • This push broom has soft outer bristles that sweep up fine dirt particles, while sturdy inner bristles sweep away large debris
  • This broom is eco-friendly with broom block and bristles made of 80% recycled material
  • This push broom model works great for garages, sidewalks, decks and other outdoor surfaces

This multi-surface broom might look basic at first glance, but it offers exceptional performance on a variety of surfaces as its name suggests. Not only does it feature commercial-grade materials and build quality, but it truly excels when used on concrete. It was designed from its inception to work on a variety of surfaces that you will find outdoors. Because of this, it offers exceptional sweeping performance on everything from sidewalks to patios to garages.

Perhaps one of the reasons it offers such exceptional concrete performance would have to be the fact that the broom features Memory Bristles which retain their original shape even after rough use. The Memory Bristles feature both sturdy inner bristles and soft outer bristles. Therefore, the combination makes it effective at getting rid of smaller and larger debris that you might find outdoors or on concrete surfaces.

Another reason it offers great concrete performance has to do with the sturdy and durable head design to allow for rough use which is generally required to sweep on concrete. The plastic block is designed to avoid cracking or warping which typically happens to brooms not designed for concrete or outdoor performance.

1. Build Quality.
This no-frills multi-surface push broom offers exceptional build quality ranging from its head block to the bristles. Therefore, you can expect it to last a long time even when used primarily on concrete.
2. Eco-Friendly.
The broom itself along with the bristles are made up of using 80% recycled materials which is always a good thing to see.
3. Anti-Rotation Socket.
The head features an anti-rotation socket which means you don't have to worry about the head coming loose or getting warped over time which typically happens to outdoor brooms.

1. Wet Performance.
The broom does not perform the best on wet surfaces.

Carlisle 3621962414 Sweep Complete Aluminum Handle Floor Sweep with Squeegee, Plastic Bristles, 24" Length, 3" Bristle Trim, Blue

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  • Integrated squeegee helps pick-up spills without changing tools
  • Comes complete with a 60" 3-piece aluminum handle with brace
  • Lightweight design reduces sweeping fatigue
  • Dual-fill bristles ideal for a variety of sweeping applications
  • Steel brace for handle for extra stability and durability

This versatile broom offers great versatility on concrete surfaces. Because it features a built-in squeegee, it offers exceptional multi-use performance for those that find themselves needing to brush on both wet and dry surfaces alike.

The floor sweep comes with a plastic block and a 3-piece aluminum handle that features a brace. This material makeup makes it one of the lighter brooms/sweepers that you will find on the marketplace. The lighter design makes long sweeping sessions much less tiresome overall.

The floor sweep comes in two different sizes which will allow you to isolate the best size for your intended use-case and it offers dual-fill bristles which can be optimal for a variety of different applications.

1. Lightweight Design.
As mentioned previously, this sweeper features a lightweight design which makes sweeping with it effortless.
2. Integrated Squeegee.
This sweeper comes with a fully integrated squeegee which can help you avoid having to keep more things lying around as it is versatile enough to handle wet surfaces and pick up spills without having to break out a mop or another tool. It does a great job sweeping up wet surfaces even on concrete.

1. No Instructions.
Reviewers have noted that their product didn't come with installation/assembly instructions. While the assembly process is simple enough, that is no reason for the product to not offer proper assembly instructions.

Quickie Bulldozer 18-Inch Smooth Surface Push Broom

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  • Sweeps lightweight dirt, sawdust and spackling powder
  • Flagged poly fibers set in 18-inch heavy-duty resin block
  • 60-inch powder coated handle
  • Swivel tip hang-up feature for easy storage
  • 5-year limited warranty

This particular push broom is another excellent option to consider on the market. It offers a heavy-duty resin block which is durable enough to last and it is capable of sweeping up even the finest particles which cannot be said for a lot of concrete brushes.

This particular heavy-duty brush was designed to specialize in sweeping up light debris like sawdust from sealed concrete and other hard surfaces. It is capable of doing this due to its brush head featuring flagged polypropylene fiber. This allows it to easily sweep up even the smallest debris and powder.

1. Specialized To Sweep Up Fine Particles.
This is one of the only brushes that you will find on the marketplace capable of sweeping up even the finest particles from smooth concrete surfaces.
2. Heavy Duty.
The build quality this broom offers is exceptional which bodes well for its durability and longevity. This is something you should absolutely require in a brush that will be used on harder surfaces.
3. Clips For Storage.
The broom itself comes with clips attached that you can use to store the broom.
4. Warranty.
This broom comes with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty which shows the brand and manufacturer's confidence in the longevity of this broom.

1. Price.
This is one of the more expensive brooms but the build quality and durability are more than enough to make up for the increase in price.

What Broom Should You Buy?

In the end, these three brooms are the best of the bunch. Each offers exceptional performance on concrete and other hard surfaces. Choosing from each of these three is easy because they each offer optimal performance in specific use-case scenarios. If you are looking for a brush that is versatile enough to handle a variety of surfaces and that can be used for small and larger debris, get the O-Cedar.

If you are looking for a sweeper that can effectively be used on wet concrete surfaces, you will want to look at the Carlisle. Whereas, if you want something that is going to be capable of sweeping up the finest particles and debris on hard surfaces like smooth concrete, you should be looking at the Quickie Bulldozer. By choosing the broom or sweeper best suitable for your use-case, you should find one that is going to offer you excellent results. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the options above.

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