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In our modern world today, paper towels and tissues are all household commodities that you can’t live without. They are easy to use and are disposable which are very convenient especially if you don’t want to be bothered by washing rags and reusing them.

However, since our resources are depleting and plastic pollution is everywhere, some people would like to know sustainable house items that can help them save the environment. 

In my article today, I will talk about an innovative household item. This item is called Bambooee, it is a type of paper towels that are reusable. I will talk about its benefits, materials used and why you need to start using them now. You will be able to know how you will get to help the environment and save on your use of household items in my Bambooee review. 

This Bambooee review is basically for people who want to switch from reusable household items and aims to save the planet in small ways. 

What is Bambooee?

People use a lot of paper towels, and if you are an environmental advocate you have no choice but to use it. Companies are now looking for new ways how to solve this problem, that is why Bambooee paper towels are born.

They are reusable paper towels that can be used to clean dirt all over your house and other places. You might have seen this product on Shark Tank and they gained an investor for the product to be well known and be able to reach a lot of people.

Why use Bambooee?

Bambooee paper towels have the same purpose as your regular paper towels and that is to clean dirt and other stuff. Unlike your conventional paper towel, Bambooee towels are reusable as you can wash them and use them as many times you like.

I will also talk about here in my Bambooee review, how they help save the earth if you purchase their product. In every Bambooee paper towel that is sold, they are committed to planting trees. Their product is made up of rayon and they use bamboo trees for it. Bamboos are known to be very sustainable as it sprouts and regrows every year and can be harvested. 

Bambooee sheets are reusable and washable, the product is known to be durable and if you compared it to other rags this is much more easy to clean and easy to use. They are thick and super absorbent sheets that you can machine-washed for reuse up to 100 times before disposing of it.

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Characteristics and Specifications of Bambooee Paper towels

Paper towel like

Bambooee looks a lot like your common paper towels as it aims is to replace paper towels with a  more environmentally friendly one. The color and size are the same looks the same, though Bambooee is tinner. Unlike regular paper towels, Bambooee paper towels can’t be thrown in just one use. 


The material used in making is rayon, which is made from sustainable organic bamboo. Materials in making Bambooee sheets are more environment-friendly compared to the materials used for regular paper towels.

Absorbency and Durability

Bambooee towels are very absorbent and that is why it is a good cleaning material. Even if it absorbs so much water it won’t tear and get ruined.


You can reuse Bambooee towels as much as you want. You can easily wash it in the washing machine or even hand wash it yourself. Since it is thinner, it can easily be dried compared to the cotton rags that you used in your kitchen. 

Where do you use Bambooee towels?

You can use it everywhere!

It is basically marketed as a household item that can do a lot of things, a multi-purpose cleaner. In the kitchen, you can use it to clean your dishes, sink and any surfaces. In can be used to clean the floor, windows, tables and chairs, leather sofas and mirrors. 

Just any other cleaning wipes and rags you may use cleaning detergents along with it in order to clean your house. It is washing machine safe and dries easily and storing them won’t be a problem.

Costs of Bambooee?

Bambooee sheets may cost more compared to the regular paper towels. It costs $10 for 30 sheets. However, you might save a lot of money when purchasing Bambooee sheets because each roll of 30 Bambooee sheets is equivalent to 428 paper towels rolls.

Can you save with Bambooee Towels?

Yes, you can! It might seem expensive if you first buy it compared to regular towels. But since you are using less paper towel and starts integrating it to your household you will save money.

Pros and Cons of Bambooee Towels


Bambooee towels are easy to use and can use to clean everything. It is sturdy and absorbent that is why it is excellent for cleaning. It has a soft material that doesn’t damage surfaces such as leather sofas and can clean your prescription glasses without scratching it.

What I like also about it, is the packaging. It gives a lot of information that won’t keep you wondering what it is for and what does it do. Also, when buying a roll of it, you get to save the environment and that is a plus point.


I can’t think of any cons for this product as it is very usable and sticks to its goals and that is to provide a much friendlier way to encourage less use of paper towels. One thing that I realize about Bambooee towels is that it can be stained but then it can be easily remedied by use of washing and bleaching. Also, when it comes to unwanted dirt and smelly stuff I don’t think you would want to reuse it again and just throw it away.

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I think that Bambooee is a great product for a household item. It encourages you to be environment-friendly and if your goal is to save as well then this is perfect for you. 

I think it is a good product to replace paper towels in kitchen use especially in cleaning. It doesn’t eradicate the use of paper towel but it does encourage you to use less of it.

I hope my Bambooee review helped you to be more knowledgeable about the products and encourage you to purchase it as it has a lot of benefits. 

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